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Developers Love Building on LemonStand

Ryan Bennick
Founder & 
Web Developer, 320NY  

"LemonStand's theming engine is the best of all the cloud platforms by far; easy to use with complete flexibility."

Brent Pepitone
Lead Developer,

Justin Heit
Creative Director, Libre Design

“We're extremely pleased with the platform's flexibility. LemonStand has allowed us to create a unique online shopping experience for our clients.”

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What It's About

In this technical demo, you'll get a walkthrough of our theming engine and discover what makes LemonStand the most flexible cloud-based eCommerce platform. Learn how to completely customize the entire user experience, including the checkout, using your favorite front-end techniques.

Plus, you'll get a first look at our new Content Management System! Our CMS is a game changer for retailers - it comes with all the tools you need to easily design, create and publish content to grow inbound traffic, increase engagement, and guide purchases.

You'll Learn How To:

  • Create custom checkouts (including different variations)
  • Develop LemonStand themes locally
  • Style up our barebones theme quickly
  • Leverage custom URLs to boost SEO

Presented by Danny Halarewich, LemonStand founder & CEO.

Originally recorded on May 25, 2016.



"The ability to change the entire shell and structure was much easier than it would have been on any other platform. The templates, pages and partials are pretty simple."

Get Inside the Code for Maximum Design Flexibility

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